How To Make Good Food Choices On The Go

We’ve all been on the go and desperately hungry, where we have chosen the closest food option, which is often the worst!
But it is actually possible to make good choices, no matter how busy you are or where you are!

What not to choose:

  • Energy bars.
  • Sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, pizza or rolls/other baked foods.
  • Small salads from kiosks which only have a few grams of meat/chicken, but tons of dressing, pasta and croutons.
  • Ready-to-drink smoothies/juices and all other drinks except for water, carbonated water and/or coffee (with a little milk).


What you should choose:

  • A packet of ham and a banana or other fruit from the store.
  • Patties or chicken from the deli, eaten with fruit.
  • Hamburgers without dressing and only eat the bottom half of the bun.
  • Grilled (it is important that it is grilled, not fried) meat/chicken with vegetables from a kebab shop, with no dressing. Eat a piece of fruit afterwards.
  • Maki (sushi) with a little rice and extra fish. Choose options which only have fish inside (and vegetables). We like them with salmon and spring onion.
  • Everything that is meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, berries and fruits.
  • Skyr from the shop, without added sugar. Eat a tub or two with a bit of fruit.
  • If you are at the worst place to get food – a filling station – and you need food, choose a grilled sausage or a sausage patty in flatbread if available, with a little ketchup and mustard (if you like these).
  • Hungry at the end of the day at the office? Keep a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce, some cracker bread and fruit there.
  • If you have to work overtime, make sure you have the food mentioned above there. And if you order fast food, choose options containing meat/fish/chicken and vegetables. If your colleagues order take-outs from a pizzeria, make sure you have food at the office which you can eat instead of pizza. Good planning is key, and it’s wise to make a habit out of keeping food at the office.


To keep in your bag when you know you’ll be eating on the go:

  • Fruit and carrots (and/or other vegetables that are easy to eat and carry in your bag).
  • Quest Bars. Don’t choose other brands, they are loaded with sugar.
  • Flatbread with ham or other meat/fish and/or egg (use whichever brand you like, as long as it’s a potato flatbread. We like Buer flatbreads).
  • A boiled egg. A bit strange maybe, but very practical!
  • A smoothie. Buy a smoothie shaker with a proper lid (available at most health shops). Make yourself a smoothie by throwing 2 – 3 eggs or a few heaped tablespoons of cottage cheese into a blender along with some fruit (we love banana and apple!), frozen berries and a carrot. Also add a little avocado and almond milk or oats milk (or regular milk). Put whatever you feel like into your smoothie, but make sure there is some fruit, vegetables, and a source of protein. And berries are always fantastic! But rather choose organic brands if you drink a few litres of smoothie a day as we do. The poor little berries don’t have a shell to protect them from the poisons in pesticides, i.e., non-organically produced berries are full of these unhealthy toxins.

So make an effort now if you’re not 100 % satisfied with your body and health. It is the daily/weekly repeated choices that make the difference. Change your habits and you will see and feel the difference

Shot of businesspeople having a meeting in a boardroom

Everything in life requires effort. It is you who must put in the work, it is you who needs to know you’re making a change. For good and bad at the start, and only “for good” once your habits have changed.
So enjoy. Your confidence and energy. Yourself. Your family. Your friends. Your job.

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