Winter and cold = results


Running or walking during this time of year can be a fantastic experience! The fresh air and the psychological boost it provides is the best mental exercise you could wish for, and the exercise you get is unbelievable!

So you get fresh air, a psychological boost AND you get exercise which gives you fast and visible results: Could it be better than this? No.

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That’s why we want you to make this a habit, if you have not already done so. And the cold is not a hindrance. The saying is true: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! (Unless, of course, there’s a hurricane blowing outside, then it becomes difficult…)

So once you have the right equipment and the right attitude, all you need to do is get started. If you’re new to running, run a while, walk a while, run a while, walk a while, and so on. Make sure to exercise hard and get tired, that is the most important part. And enjoy your surroundings and your thoughts. Be happy when you find a hill to run up and down, intervals are such good workouts!

So, what equipment do you need? (Please note that we do not have any sponsorship deals or agreements with brands or retailers. These are just our honest opinions.)

  • Good shoes with good damping. We like Nike Zoom, but Asics and Adidas also have many excellent pairs of shoes, the most important is that they have good damping.
  • Crampons to attach to the underside of your shoes when it’s slippery and icy outside. The simplest, cheapest and best are from Nordic Grip. They are called running crampons and can be attached to shoes in a few seconds. Can be purchased from pharmacies in Norway and from numerous sites online.
  • Good socks that don’t slide in your shoes. It’s a good idea to wear slightly higher socks which can be pulled over your tights so that there is not a gap between your socks and tights.
  • Tights with lining (Nike has several to purchase from, also called “warm winter tights”, see the picture below and/or view it You can also wear long wool underwear underneath regular tights. The most important is that your buttocks don’t freeze and that you use tights that don’t fall down and which you don’t need to constantly readjust. We think the Nike versions are very good. Here is a good example of a pair that doesn’t fall down, and Nike has many of these.


  • Wool underwear that’s like an inner sweater. There are many available from which you can pick and choose, just make sure they’re made from wool and they keep you warm.
  • If it’s very warm, wear a fleece sweater over the wool sweater.
  • A lightweight, windbreaker jacket on top. There are cheap and expensive versions to choose from, but most important is that it protects against wind and is not too heavy.
  • Gloves with lining. Choose whichever you like, as long as your hands don’t freeze.
  • A scarf or similar for your neck if the innermost sweater does not have a high neck. If it is cold, it is absolutely necessary to keep your mouth covered, preferably use something made of fleece.
  • Hat or headband. Here you can also choose whichever you like, but it’s great to have one especially for running, so that the one you normally use doesn’t get soaked in sweat.
  • As always: a good pair of headphones so that you can enjoy some music! Headphones that are placed on/around your ears (not the small earphones which are inserted inside your ears) provide a little more protection and warmth, and they often have superior sound. We definitely recommend these! It’s important to have a pair that does not fall off or pop out and, as always, we recommend Beats by Dre. There are now more versions available, some of them cheaper than others. They are a good investment for your music during exercising and life in general. It’s small but important things that make your experience better.

Just remember to dress appropriately for the activity you intend to undertake. It should be too cold to just be outside without moving as much as you will be moving. Now it’s time to exercise. Exercise until you are out of breath and so warm that you will want to remove some clothing.

After a few exercise sessions you will realise which clothing is appropriate. Was the fleece a bit too much? Was the hat too warm?
There is no better way to learn than by teaching yourself and trying.
And it’s not a given that you will need anything or much new! And the things you do need don’t have to cost a lot!
Wondering where to get diverse equipment? Google is often the solution, but please feel free to ask us as well!

And yes, we almost forgot… Do you live in an area where it rains a lot during winter (or in general)? Just wear a cap, and the rain will be lovely to run in!

Give yourself a chance to get hooked on this. Trust us.. it’s worth it!

Would you like to know which type of running and exercise will give you the best results?

Order your personal exercise programme here, and you’ll be able to find out how long you should run for and whether running is actually the best solution for your body to achieve its goals, once and for all.

What a great feeling it is to know and see what proper exercise can do for your body and mind.

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