Why you should eat Saturday treats!

Do you think it is wrong to eat Saturday treats?
That you should stop eating them when trying to change your lifestyle? To be healthier? To be slimmer? To be happier? Then you’ve been looking at it all wrong!

There are several reasons why you should keep eating Saturday treats. Or maybe start eating them?

The first reason is the “cynical reason”: the rule of eating sweets only one day a week (if you enjoy sweets and eat them every so often, weekend or not) will, in fact, help you to reduce the amount of sweet stuff you eat.
Along with the once a week rule comes the rule about no sweets at all during the week.
If you don’t think you can have sweets at home without eating them, we recommend not having sweets in your cupboards, but only buying some (and only a moderate amount) on Saturdays. If you crave something sweet during the week, ask yourself:
Am I hungry?
Have I eaten enough today?
Have I eaten wholesome, natural and good food today?
Am I tired?
Am I thirsty?
Proper food and enough sleep reduces the craving for sweets. Don’t forget, refined sugar does not exist in nature. This is fabricated “nonsense” and not something the human body recognises or knows how to physiologically process (hence the terrible consequences that occur as a result of sugar consumption).
The second reason why you should eat Saturday treats is because we know that a lifestyle that doesn’t feel natural and comfortable and doesn’t give you some happiness is not a lifestyle that will work in the long run. And whatever doesn’t work in the long run makes us stay away. A two-week diet during which you are hungry and depressed creates a bad relationship with food and your body, and you will binge on an unnatural amount of food afterwards.
And sometimes it’s other things that are more tempting than your favourite sweets. Maybe it’s Smash, sour candy, wheat buns? Chocolate? So enjoy your favourite sweets on Saturday, but make sure you ENJOY them! Don’t feel guilty about it or make bad food choices afterwards.
Sweets on Saturday evening with a smile followed by healthy habits on Sunday morning and good memories of the fun night before!



But remember:
Don’t eat sweets just because it’s Saturday if you don’t really feel like it. Take the opportunity to get to know your body. It’s actually a very positive thing if your body doesn’t crave sweet stuff: it means you have given your body proper food, enough sleep and exercise.

And we’re sure that you know why sweets do not contribute to a healthy and slim body?
You probably know they contain many calories which, of course, is absolutely true. A calorie is a unit of measurement of the energy we expend and the energy we supply our bodies. Calories should come from sources that fill us up and which provide our bodies with the building blocks needed for a healthy and normal weight. That’s why we don’t want to oversupply our bodies with energy that does not fill us up or which is unhealthy, as this extra energy can be converted into excess fat which ends up being stored.
Here are some examples of foods with the equivalent amount of energy as a 200 g bar of chocolate, which you could rather have consumed:
14 eggs
40 carrots
8 chicken breasts
Nearly 2 kg of cod
9 cauliflower heads

So enjoy Saturday treats IF it makes you happy and you enjoy it.


Enjoy Saturday treats if you are able to refrain from sweets all the other days in the week.
Enjoy Saturday treats if you are happy with yourself and your body.
Enjoy Saturday treats if you wake to good sugarless habits the day after.
Life is to be enjoyed.
What makes you happy?

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